Meet the Coaches

As coaches we will…

Be a role model and leader for the program, always considering and acting in a team-first manner.

Create a positive, encouraging environment so that dancers feel loved, supported,
and able to confidently push past their perceived limits.

Challenge each other and the program to always strive to be better, and to teach
students to be independently successful in dance and in life.

Missy Hornberger

Missy has been coaching since 2013. She was member of the team leadership during her years on the Eastlake team in High School, and went on to be a leader on the hip hop dance team at Western Washington University. As an alumni of this team, she has enjoyed the opportunity to stay involved with the program, and
to see the impact it can have on students during their high school years and beyond.

Nina Armstrong
Assistant Coach

Nina graduated from Eastlake in 2016 and was a member of the dance team throughout her four years at Eastlake. Nina has also danced for all-star dance and at the collegiate level. She is working towards Geography on the Globalization, Health and Development track and is overjoyed to contribute to the program that so greatly shaped the person she is today.

Keira Howe
Assistant Coach

This is Keira's first year coaching.
After graduating from Eastlake in 2012, she began to pursue a career in counseling and is currently working towards her Master's. Her experience with being apart of leadership for the EHS Dance Team had been largely influential on why she chose a career focused on empowering others,
and now hopes to have as positive
of an impact on the program that it had on her.

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