Eastlake Dance Team

Spring 2021


Olivia Calcerano, Captain

Nicole Kabat, Captain

Natalie Nickels, Lieutenant

Kylie Hawkins, Lieutenant

Sahana Deepak, Covenants Representative

Jayna Snyder, Covenants Representative

Defne Cetken, Covenants Representative

Ananya Ahuja, Covenants Representative

Khushi Lam

Sydney Gray

Marcela Carvallo

Kavya Gajjar

Mackenzie Hunkins

Chloe Hyatt

Cassidy Spencer

Beth Austin

Samantha Boggs

Alyssa Derouen

Victoria Humann

Claire Jeong

Samantha Secrist

Sydney Bainbridge

Onela Banerjee

Sarissa Boggs

Pramiti Dubey

Natalie Glover

Stella Iacono

Anika Kamath

Georgia Lorch

Beatrice Schiff

Olivia Snyder

Shivani Thiruvenkatakrishnan

Nisa Thomasberg

Shriya Tiku

Ananya Tripathi

Sophie Wirrick

Team Managers

Abhika Mishra

Swetha Pandravada


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